Keep your apps password-protected with LockMyApps

LockMyApps is a handy tool that does not require a detailed configuration. All you have to do is install the app and get started with selecting individual apps by adding passwords to keep them secure.

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Full-screen Lock Mode

This is one of the best features that LockMyApps has. Full-screen lock Mode allows you to block the complete view of your app on your device. LockMyApps also ensures that there is no scope of data exposure. The feature comes handy when you’ve to leave your Mac amid people.

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Hide Any File Or Folder

Keeping selected or all files and folders hidden from others is no longer a tedious task. LockMyApps lets you hide any file or folder on your Mac and keep it private with a password in the simplest of ways.

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Lock Administrative Apps

Administrator apps are quite significant as they have admin rights to your operating system. If you have multiple users on your device, you must keep your administrative apps protected with a password. LockMyApps allows you to have that privilege.

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Customized Application

Retrieve Password By Email

If you are unable to get through the password for any reason, retrieving the passwords through email is fairly an option. It is important to keep the password retrieval email safe as the LockMyApps restricts resetting your password for security reasons.

Security & Privacy

Lock Apps, Files & Folders With A Master Password

LockMyApps provides you with a master password rather than different passwords for individual apps. This helps the user to remember the password easily. Plus the master password has to be strong as it protects your sensitive data as well. Once you set the master password, select the apps you want to lock or the files and folders that you wish to hide, and voila!

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